Design Board By Elegance- A Sophisticated Color Palette

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Design Board By Elegance- A Sophisticated Color Palette

Most of my brides come in with a clear cut vision of their color palette for the wedding ceremony. However, more often than not, they are unsure about their reception colors.  Why? Reception decor is often under-researched by brides in the beginning phase of decor planning.  Most brides also want to stick around traditional or warmer tones for weddings, which makes it easy to narrow down the colors/themes for the ceremony.

On the other hand, the world is your oyster when it comes to Receptions!  It's hard to narrow down on a certain theme when the possibilities are endless. I recommend that it's better to first determine the overall ambiance you want for the evening. Do you see this evening event as formal, semi casual, or completely laid back?  I believe reception design is the best setting to reflect the couple's personality. There are no rules, so we can let our imagination take over and create a design that truly reflects the newly weds. 

Colors are Oh So important when it comes to setting the mood for the evening!  Here is a design palette that I put together with the colors- Navy & Blush.  I am in love with these colors right now! When put together, these create a perfect harmony that reflects sophistication & elegance.  Bringing together blush colors through floral create a soft feel to the event space while adding Navy through linens and accents for tablescapes creates a bold statement.

These are also great colors for bride & groom's attire. You don't have to match with your decor, but with these colors..why not!  Pale pink lehenga is feminine yet classy. Navy tux adorned with a blush boutonniere detail creates a polished look that radiates sophistication. I am in LOVE with this fresh new color palette for 2016 and can't wait to design with it!