The Most Underrated Element of Decor, Lighting!

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The Most Underrated Element of Decor, Lighting!

Today we will talk about one of the more underrated aspects of décor, lighting!  Lighting has a large impact on the overall look and feel of a space.  It can create drama as well as highlight key elements of the overall decor.  It can help create the theme of the event and get your guests in the mood to dance!  With event lighting, the possibilities are endless, but here are some of the basics:  

First, you can use led uplighting to add a splash of color around the room as well as the stage areas.  These lights can be set to a static one color or wired together to create a synchronized color changing effect on the stage or around the room.  If you want to “wow” your guests, you can even put led lighting under the banquet tables to create a colorful glow that stretches across the room. 

Next, you can dress up bare walls with some gobo projection lighting.  The beauty with gobo lighting is that you can use it to compliment your design style.  Whether you like simple contained designs or extravagant expansive designs, there is a design out there for you!  You can also use gobo projection lighting to project a custom logo on the walls or dance floor.

You can also highlight key aspects of décor with pin spot lighting.  Pin spot lights provide a narrow beam of light that can be directed at the cake table, centerpieces, head table, and any other place you can think of.  These should be used especially for floral arrangements, which can otherwise fade away in the dimmer reception setting.

Lastly, you can use intelligent lighting to create the ultimate “show”!  These lighting fixtures provide moving lights, and they add a whole new dimension to the event.  They can be used to put a moving spotlight during the event.  Whether it is used to track a bride or  bridal party as they make their way down the aisle or to build up excitement during the reception entrances, these lights provide great versatility to the overall lighting design.


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