The Spooky Indian Wedding! Halloween Special

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The Spooky Indian Wedding! Halloween Special

In the spirit of Halloween, here are some SCARY things that you will experience at an Indian Wedding! 

That girl that followed a Youtube makeup video to get ready for the Sangeet..
Scary make up indian wedding
When your zipper breaks on your lehenga and the blouse refuses to close!
When you ask the Mehendi lady to do your second hand and she loudly yells "One hand only! 2 hands for close family only!!" 
kill me now
The looks of the girl that spots.... groom's SHOES!!
Girl spots shoes
The herd of bride's squad that attacks you soon after
You are getting ready to your favorite bollywood jam...
mere khwabon mein
Until you realize you only have 20 MINUTES to get ready!
The scary aunty that is never satisfied by the puja rituals..
Puja aunty
And decides to takes charge of it turning a half hour puja into a 2 hour extraviganza! 
puja wedding indian aunty
The Scariest question.. "When is it YOUR TURN beta?"
angry man bollywood
Aunty asking what you think about her nephew's biodata
You see someone else wearing the same exact Saree as you!
All your friends are on one table and for some reason you are seated at your parent's table


Getting caught by your aunt at the Bar.. Taking shots 
aunty surprised indian weddingtaking shots
The moment you get to the sweet table and all the dessert is gone!
sweet table indian wedding


Hope we didn't SPOOK you too much! South Asian weddings are a blast and that's why we at Elegance Decor are grateful to be a part of it!  Check out our other blogs!