Welcome to My First Blog! Floral Designs for Wedding Aisles

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Welcome to My First Blog! Floral Designs for Wedding Aisles

Welcome to our new blog where we talk all things decor! So let me start by introducing myself a bit. I'm Sejal, a proud member of the Elegance team. I've worked with this amazing company for about 3 years and have worked on 100's of events, while also attending school at UIUC. I'd like to think that I have learned quite a few things about event decor along the way and now I get to share it with you all! It's becoming a running joke at Elegance that I am the Aisle Specialist, so I thought why not start my first ever blog post discussing floral designs on the wedding aisle. generally you see  aisles with scattered rose petals at weddings...

The new trend has been to create a design with petals. It is the details that take something from good to great! Creating floral designs add just that detail to spruce up an aisle! The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting creative with this new trend! From scrolls to paiselies, playing with contrasting colors to ombre, we have deigned aisles to give each wedding aisle its own personality. Here are a few examples...


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red rose petal aisle design indian wedding decor mandap