Most of my brides come in with a clear cut vision of their color palette for the wedding ceremony. However, more often than not, they are unsure about their reception colors.  Why? Reception decor is often under-researched by brides in the beginning phase of decor planning.  Most brides also want to stick around traditional or warmer tones for weddings, which makes it easy to narrow down the colors/themes for the ceremony.Read more

  • During our initial consultations, the one question that stumps most of our couples is “Who’s sitting on the head table?!”  Unless this was discussed before, it usually turns into a long conversation about “should it be just us?”, how to keep both sides even, who will be offended if they aren’t included, and how to place everyone without it looking like one long never ending table!
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    Today we will talk about one of the more underrated aspects of décor, lighting!  Lighting has a large impact on the overall look and feel of a space.  It can create drama as well as highlight key elements of the overall decor.  It can help create the theme of the event and get your guests in the mood to dance!  With event lighting, the possibilities are endless, but here are some of the basics:  Read more

    We often get asked, “How do I make my reception space more interesting?  How can I take it from a normal party to an extravagant event?”  There are many ways to do this with décor but one of the most cost effective ways we suggest is with the table shapes and room layout!  Your reception venue will most likely have a variety of different table types (round, squares, and rectangles).  These can be used to create unique layouts that your guests have never seen before!Read more